Better Get A Lawyer, Son

Presented by Arts Law Centre of Australia & Music Victoria

Date: Friday 13 November, 2015
Time: 2.40pm – 3.40pm
Location: Arts Centre Melbourne, Theatres Building, Members Dining Room (Level 7)

When we think of rock, beats, metal, folk … we don’t think offices, suits and highbrow negotiations (unless you’re Client Liaison). But lawyers can be bands’ best friends when it comes to protecting their rights and interests. Arts Law, providers of free legal advice to all Australian artists, and Music Victoria partner up to present a “Legals 101” panel featuring some of Australia’s sharpest music legal minds. They will pull apart some of the legal topics that have served as endless clickbait for the media this year, from royalty rows to illegal download cases, and give some invaluable legal tips.

Moderator: Marcus Walkom (Solicitor, Media Arts Lawyers)

Brett Oaten (Principal, Brett Oaten Solicitors)
Jennifer Tutty (Principal, Studio Legal)
Morris Averill (Senior Lawyer, Arts Law Centre)
Darren Sanicki (Principal, GI & Sanicki Lawyers)